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Chris McLean and his team of Professional Realtors service the entire DFW area with the highest quality of service that exhibits integrity and honesty in Residential and Commercial Real Estate.


Chris McLean has been in the Real Estate business for 30+ years.  He clients range from first time home buyers to Luxury Homes costing millions of dollars and Commercial Real Estate costing tens of millions of dollars.    


Chris's clients tell him they hired him because of his professional negotiating background where he was the Sr Negotiator for a $3 billion dollar company in all their real estate transactions and because of his reputation of integrity and honesty.  Call Chris at 817-271-9622. 

Christopher McLean

Chris McLean has more than 30 years experience in Real Estate including Residential, Commercial, Mortgage Lending, Development, Property Management.  Call Chris at 817-271-9622.  . 

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