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Professional Realtors


Chris McLean and his team of Professional Realtors service the entire DFW area with the highest quality of service that exhibits integrity and honesty in Residential and Commercial Real Estate.  


Chris's clients tell him they hired him and his team because of his professional negotiating background where he was the Sr Negotiator for a $3 billion dollar company in all their real estate transactions.  


He and his team have the reputation of fighting hard for his clients while displaying integrity and honesty in business.    

   Professional Negotiation 


Chris McLean was the Sr Negotiator for a $3 Billion dollar company in all their Real Estate transactions.  

A professional negotiator will maximize the amount you get for the property you are selling and save you money on the property you are buying.  Not every transaction turns into a major negotiation but if it does, you want Chris and his team on your side.  


Hiring a Professional Negotiator is not expensive - it's priceless!

 Professional Marketing  Brings More Buyers
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Dream Home 


New Construction


New construction has the cost of paying the Buyers Realtor commission already figured into the price of the home.  It is wise to have a Realtor looking out for YOUR interest because builders Reps are looking out  for the Builder interest.  And since builders pay the Buyers Realtor a commission for representing Buyers - at ProRealtorGroup we share that commission with you which you can use for upgrades, closing cost, decorating needs or whatever you desire. 

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